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Default I haven't been in business more than two weeks...

And someone has already stolen a picture from me!! The other day my friend requested a custom ornament from me to paint. I posted it on Etsy yesterday morning and a few hours ago a random customer sent me a message saying they saw the same picture, with my watermark included, on someone else's shop! About 30 minutes after that the shop was closed. I am starting to get a little discouraged and worried because this seems to be happening more and more lately. How can someone be so bold as to steal a picture and not even try to cover up the logo. They were trying to sell it for double what I was even asking. That bad thing is I only put that ornament up yesterday. I think there needs to be a way that we can get Etsy to have the option not to allow saving of a picture. Sometimes just reporting the shop/picture is not enough. I just hope this doesn't happen on a regular basis. It's actually funner because earlier I commented on a thread about stolen pictures here and then like 30 minutes later I got the convo from the customer.
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