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Default Re: Brilliant Bowmaker vs Gator Bite?

Originally Posted by RaspberryRuffles View Post
I have the Brilliant Bowmaker & I've been playing with it...Made like 4 of the very same bow last night to ''try'' to get the hang of it. It isn't as easy as it states...It doesn't keep all loops uniform if you don't watch how you sew them together, if one slips the loops doesn't turn out all even, I as a newbie thought oh wow I just buy this & make them, how easy is that? Boy was I wrong...I guess you have to learn how to use the product. I'm going to work with it more today & see if I can get any better with it. Hugs, R&R

oh DEAR. I have been strongly considering buying the BBM (or begging for it for know ) because it just looked so much easier. my whole problem is that my loops are never even please let us (well, me) know if you get the hang of it!!!
xoxo, Meredith<3
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