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Default How much should I charge for this OTT bow

I made this bow for a Facebook event with the Bowfairies and it sold first for $18 if I remember well. Then I listed it on Etsy for the same price and I got lots of favorites and even a treasury list but no sales, so I lowered the price to 16.95.

I sold two, but then I did a search and noticed there were some similar bow selling for less so I lowered my price to 14.95.

I got two sales on that same bow while it was at 14.95 but it takes me an hour and a half to make it! The last time I did one was three days ago and I kept watching the clock. I started at 7 pm and finished at 830 pm and that was without adding the bottlecap and the final touches. So, I raised the price again but to 15.75. I think I should charge $20 for a bow that takes me so long to make. Am I the only one who takes an hour and a half to make an OTT bow? LOL!

So, how much do most people charge for a real OTT bow? This bow has four layers and lots of spikes and measures 6". I am planning on making more styles similar to this but with a few less spikes... they are so time consuming thou.

I don't add the time it takes me to make the twisted bows and the time it takes to bake them because I sit and make a batch of all my twisted bows while watching tv one day of the week.

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