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Question Help! Bottle Caps are falling off my flowers. yikes!

Hello everyone,
I had my first a&c event this past weekend and did great but i noticed half my batch of flowers clips had their bottle caps falling off . immediately removed all to reinforce the caps before i sell them again.

I was using a standard glue gun/glue on the 1st batch i made, and i had metal glue centered inside of the caps of the 2nd batch with a ring of glue gun glue circled in the inside of the cap. which i think kind of helped that batch.

so i was wondering what tips or advice you would give from experience of making the flower bottle cap clips?

i have been leaving the diamond centers on, do you think i should remove them?

has anyone sealed them on using resin? i was thinking of doing that.

p.s. the images on the bottle caps stayed on when i hot glued, i used e-6000 glue for the adhesive.

Thank you
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