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Default Re: Felt flower help, please!

When I cluster, I usually end up putting a button or embellishment in the middle, which would cover any gap...however you can squish the rosettes together.

I usually lay out my flowers as I want them arranged on the felt and trace around (or roughly cut around) then smooth out the felt so that the come just inside the edge of the flower. Put the hot glue on the felt as close to the edge as you can manage. To keep the glue from oozing over the edge, place the flower, but don't push down all the way.. let it sit for a minute until glue can harden just a bit, then push it down the rest of the way.

I don't know if this helps at all...this is much harder to explain than just to do... If you get a little ooze over you can usually trim/peel it off if you are careful.

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