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Default Photographing long bows

I need some suggestions for photographing bows with long tails. My bows are about 4.5 inches wide and the tails are 5-6 inches long. I have a light box but I am going to try moving outside this weekend for some daylight shots. Anyway the problem is staging these bows. They come in pairs so I would like to get both of them at least in one of the shots but there is just so much bow it's hard to fit it in a close up frame. If I shoot from the entrance of the box the tails look like a highway with a tiny bow at the top. If I shoot from above I can't use the box because the tripod won't fit high enough, even in a 24" box. And, forget about using any of the cool scrapbook paper/frames that so many of you use to add pizzaz to your photos.

I really need some help here. I thought if I bought the box, the lights, and a how to book this would be easy...LOL I was wrong! Right now I just have a point and shoot but I do have my eye on a camera on sale for black friday.

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