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Default Re: make hair grow faster

I regularly make a castor oil treatment for my and my DDs hair.
I mix a bit of castor oil and olive oil. I put it in a cup and I put the cup in hot water to warm it up a bit. (Do not warm the oil directly.) Then I apply the mixture on the hair. Quantity depends on the amount of hair, try to cover all over your hair but it does not need dripping from your hair. Then cover your hair with a towel. (I usually put an old winter hat on my daughter's head.) Leave it like that for a cople of hours but if you can bear it it is best to leave it on overnight. Then wash your hair like you would. Be prepared that you have to wash it twice.

It does not only help your hair grow mch faster but your hair will look shiny and healthy. The best hair treatment I ever tried. Its a bit messy and the smell is not the best while you have it on your hair.
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