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Default Re: Do you use other than grosgrain

Originally Posted by monicaj View Post
Sorry, I'm not sure what forum to post this in ,so if it is in the wrong spot let me know.

I have tons and tons of satin ribbon, mostly 1/4 inch, some 3/8 and some 1/8. Honestly I' not even sure why i have it, LOL. At any rate, do you ever use satin or nylon or polyester ribbon, or is grosgrain the ribbon of choice.

Can you make korkers out of satin?

Thanks for your input

Snap! Me too! I've been buying satin ribbon for well over 30 years now and have a lot! (Had to buy lots of grosgrain for bowmaking, such a blow!)

Can't really help with its use - I've made a few bows but they are not as 'stiff' as grosgrain. I'm making ribbon roses (Tutorial on here) at the moment as they look lovely in satin. I've used ribbon over the years for cardmaking....

And yes, satin does curl, I curled my first piece of ribbon over 15 years ago - dampened 3mm round a kebab stick in the microwave. I found it recently during a massive tidy up - it was still slightly curly! I don't think it's really suitable for korker bows as it isn't a tight curl.

Probably not much help to you, but finally admitted my ribbon stash!
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