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Default Gluing stones to Tulle. Help!

Hello All
I have done a search for ideas how i can glue stones to Tulle. hven't really found any answers. I want to add some embellishments to my tutus but i don't want to worry about the stones falling off or making a terrible mess if someone wanted to steam the skirt or forgot and put it in the wash. What are my options? Haven't looked into Hot Fix yet. don't quite understand how it works. i have lots of stones i would like to use first before i go and buy something new.
Let me know if you can solve my problem. it would really help
because tulle is such a thin fabric i was willing to glue to stones together. back to back. What can i use that won't melt ever again once set?
Thank you so much for your help! THe faster you can respond with the help the beter. I have a show coming up very soon. Thanks so much
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