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Default Re: What to use wood burner on?

Some place some one on here had posted a picture of their home made glas cutting mat with the sewing tape measure glued on the back side. does anyone know where that post would be, I've tried the search function and it brought me here. I did pick up some great tips from the this thread. I recently bought a 12 x 12 cutting mat that spins so you don't have to move your fabric squares when cutting for quilt making. I bought it to do duct tape crafts on but wondered how i would clean the mat so i could also use it for fabric and ribbons, the glass makes perfect sense. Now to find one that is 12 x 12. this mat also have 30, 45 and 60 degree angles marked on it, so triangles and "V" cuts can be done perfectly, again without moving the ribbon. It's a Fiskars Rotating Self healing Cutting Mat for a rotary cutter, you would have to cover it in glass for the wood burner. I got it at Walmart for $25
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