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Default Re: Anyone know how to make this Peddle Flower?

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
just found a tut that's written & has pics - same as your's . . . and there's one trick she mentions . . .

The Trick!

Here is the trick to making each petal shape. When you get to the bottom of the stitches on one petal, you need to go 'under' the ribbon with a stitch before you start the next petal.

Hmmm...turns out the same, but I don't do that. Also, when I go up and back down, to end/start each petal, my line is straight where hers is seperated. But again, it all turns out the same, so just a matter of preference I guess?!?! I do like the leaves that she makes! But that tut is good for those looking to make these. I looked everywhere when I was trying to make on of these.
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