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Default Stiffeners

Hello Everyone,

My name is Stacey. I am really new to bow-making and am a junior member on this site.

I understand that making quality bows comes from trial and error. Seeing what works for you, getting instruction and sometimes tweeking them to work best for you. I just wanted to share this little bit of info. Some people probably already are aware of this but if they are not, I would love to help others having the same issue I was having because this was my biggest problem with my bows.

After making a bunch of bows, I realized that mine never looked as good as the OTT ones I saw others make. Mine were always losing their perkiness and shape. That is, until I saw someone put in the product info on Etsy, that they sprayed their bows with a stiffener.

So, a light bulb went off in my head and I thought this was the answer to my problem. I purchased STIFFEN QUIK and a few other fabric stiffeners which i cant name because i threw them out. Even after attempting to heat seal my bows with the stiffeners via hair dryer and (this might sound weird) microwave I was still having no luck getting them to shape the way i wanted.

Still having some frustration with my bows not holding their shape I was about to give up. Untilll......... I tried something else that actually works.


Spraying the bows with this and then running my hairdryer over them made them not only hold their perkiness and even helped made my spikes look a lot more professional.

I sprayed my ribbon with this hairspray and heat sealed it before cutting my spikes and the spikes cut so clean and neat I almost didn't feel the need to heat seal the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying. I still did anyways, just to be safe

Just wanted to share this with others. Hope this helps.

P.S- One of my friends said she keeps her daughter bows, that I made her in their bathroom and the bows weren't even affected by the shower steam. Must be the climate protection in this particular hairspray.

My shop is on Etsy @ Gia Nia's Bowtique

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