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Default How to resize images to fit an oval shoelace charm

I need a few pointers in the right direction from some super smart photo editing ladies!! I'm stuck - and am so stinkin' tired of googling!!

I'm trying to size down various logos to 16x12mm oval to make charms for paracord bracelets, and am having a time getting it right. At least I think that is the size - I got this measurement from a place on Etsy that sells the epoxy stickers - I think that's what they're called..

Anyway, I've tried picassa, and couldn't get it to do the exact size I wanted, then I tried an online free editor, and when I put in my measurements, it looked microscopic... Maybe 16x12 mm isn't the right measurement.. I'll go look and update if it isn't.

Link to place that sells epoxy stickers (w/ measurements I think I'm needing)

Is there an easier way to do this? I haven't even ordered my blank charms or resin yet because I'm afraid of failure at this point!
Sheila Rinehart
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