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Originally Posted by LCMays View Post
I just recently went on a glue gun search when my favorite hobby lobby glue gun died. I tried three different ones with a fine tip (I have to have a fine tip!!) and I was super surprised that my favorite one was the cheap-o adtech brand from wal-mart. I even found the adtech brand mini glue sticks were great and stick really well. I tried the michaels super expensive one, Aleene's, which I heard great things about, but the tip was impossible to change and broke before I even could try it out, so I took it back and ended up saving money just sticking with the cheap one!
arrrggghhh I was just in Walmart looking at the one you mentioned. I put it back thinking ok I have a glue gun I dont need this. But Im finding I feel like a fine tip is exactly what I need. Thanks so much for this post. Back to Walmart I go
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