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Default Kanzashi flower maker template

I had a coupon and decided to check out the template by Clover that I found in my craft store. Let me start my review by saying that I do make these out of ribbon and wondered if the template would even work and/or be faster.

Basically, you fold the template over some fabric (I used cotton) and then trim around the template. If you were using something that would fray, you'd probably want some fray check or something.
Then, you follow the marked holes and stitch through the template at various points. Once you have all your stitches in place, you open the template and pull the thread tight and voila, a kanzashi petal appears.
You leave the thread attached and go onto the next petal. Once all five are done, you stitch back into the first petal and pull to tighten.

So does it work? Yup. It sure does. You have to play with the tension to get the final product to come out right but it does make perfect kanzashi petals out of fabric. I will probably do them one petal at a time next time and then stitch together at the end, just because I like a little more control over each petal.

Will it work on ribbon? No sure. Ribbon is very stiff compared to fabric and I do not know if it will pleat the way it is supposed to. You would need 2 inch ribbon to use the template I have (the pointed petal one) and I don't have any to try. I am going to pick up some next time I am out though to see if it would work.

If you want to make this style out of fabric, its not a bad little tool at all. Softer fabrics will work best. Cotton worked, but wasn't great. I plan to try some satin and a few others when I get a chance.

Just my two cents.
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