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Default Re: Interchangable Bottlecaps for Bows?

Originally Posted by KayeLle View Post
been thinking of doing this for a while.
Do you add one megnet to bow. or could you add a washer like you to the necklace and add magnets to the caps so they are interchangeable with the bow and necklace? or would the bow become too heavy? anyone try that?
I know this is an old post, but I found it while searching for something else. I'm JUST in the process of making these for a show I have next month. I glued a washer to the bow center. It's not too heavy, but right now, I only have done basic bows (not stacked).

For the bottle cap, I glued (E6000) a wood disc to the inside of the cap, then glued a magnet to the disc. I think they will go over well.

notes on the discs:
1. If I really want, I can paint them to match the bow/cap color.
2. I bought a 1" dowel and my hubby cut out all the discs. MUCH cheaper than the furniture plugs that others use.
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