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Default Re: 1 comb enough anchor?

Feathered piece is finished (and it's Awesome awesome awesome) and seems ok on one comb with the weight but I'm nervous it won't be as secure all day since my bride has short hair (stacked bob).

Should I run a set of ribbon ties as a backup? The comb is at the midline of the piece and is 3", double wrapped in silk ribbon so it's got some cushion as well as a really secure sewn area into the felt backing I used. Was worried there wouldn't be enough security with shorter hair so rather than take a gamble it's got a small 1" tulle ruffle to keep the feathers puffed out and not getting staticky and attaching to the hair. Between that and the tulle it should be pretty "no slip" but I think everyone here is starting to get that I'm a worry wart and perfectionist (pisces lol) so figured better safe then sorry.

I really wish I could put up a picture but no can do until after the wedding. Photographers have an exclusive on this so she's not allowed to take photos of the dress or anything prior....

I double checked the weight and it's only 25g so that's pretty light. I'm not sure whether or not I should just run ties or if I should leave well enough alone. This is one component of the full piece and I know you can really easily put hair pins or bobby pins into sinamay which is why I use it. Lightweight, sturdy and forgiving when you sew lol best stuff ever.

I deliver tomorrow so what's everyone think? Toss on ties or leave it be.
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