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Default Re: Just curious, who wears the big bows?

Originally Posted by Littlecansofbeans View Post
Aw thanks! She's an awful ham!

I really do like the side swept look - I wish it would catch on...there is amother in town who is ordering from me today and todl me her eldest daughter doesnt wear big bows anymore and I suggested the side swept look - she seems to like the idea - I'm lucky as Patricia (my 8 yr old) will wear anything I put in her hair. I also gave her friend a free headband to match one of her bow orders. She ordered 9 last week and no headband so I thought -"you will have a headband and you will like it!" lol She loves it and is going to order more! See freebies work sometimes. Oh and she paid me by check and wrote it out to cash - do you know where the check went? Out of my car window! literally never to be seen again....I called and told her and hoped she wrote it out to my name but nope she did cash and wanted to know what I wanted to do - I told her that if it costs her one penny to just let it be it is my unprofessional! although she doesnt want someone else cashing her check so I think it costs $20-$40 to stop a check. Poop....Meeting her today also - she's one the cheer team too - gosh this town is small and I am babbling.....

Believe it or not, I have done that same thing and thought I could just shoot myself in the foot..... My bank can stop a check for free b/c it's a credit union. Does she use that type of bank or commercial? Maybe there is still hope!!
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