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Default Re: Tutu tulle help!

Originally Posted by altigger74 View Post
Actually its really flimsy and stretchy and just horrible. The stiffer tulle holds up better. Im just fristrated that i jave all of this tulle that is garbage. I tried spraying it with the starch used for ironing, i dont know anything about the different stiffeners or startches, but it seems like this stuff is just determined to be horrible.
I've never had a problem with them. It sounds like you got a bad roll or two. Let them know... They should send you out a new roll.

As for stiffening, first get the tutu in the shape you want by pulling the tulle out straight. Then you can use aerosol starch or even hairspray. Spray it lightly and let it air dry. If you can hang it in the sun, then do so. If it's not stiff enough then repeat.
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