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Default Re: Is there an alternative to a hot glue gun for ribbon sculptures?

Originally Posted by Gr82cre8 View Post
How about Fabri-Tac (fabric glue)? It dries clear, is durable and machine-washable.
It also doesn't dry immediately so you can adjust your work for a few seconds (15?).
I'll have a look to see if we have that over here, it could be useful for other things too. Thank you for the suggestion.

Originally Posted by 5girls View Post
Try E-6000 glue. I use it for some many different things. I squirt a dab of glue on wax paper and use a toothpick to apply the glue where ever needed. It doesn't dry immediately like hot glue, it won't melt when things get hot and it is much cleaner looking (no messy strings of glue). The downfall is: it doesn't dry immediately, so you have to hold it till it starts to stick together and it is expensive (but it doesn't take as much as hot glue does).
I tried E-6000 with a bow yesterday and, apart from the fumes, was very pleased with the results - just enough time to 'play' before it started to set.

Originally Posted by Wendy523 View Post
yes, hot glue is not the easiest to use since there is not much time to fix it before it hardens. In my tutorials I give a recommendation if anyone is interested.
I will certainly be looking at your tutorials once I've mastered the cutting, shaping and sticking! The sculptures are very impressive!
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