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Default Tutu tulle help!

I recently ordered some tulle online out of desperation, it was a color I couldn't find locally. When I received the tulle and made a tutu out of it it seemed "ok" just very flimsy and a bit low grade. Thankfully the tutu I made with it was for my daughter and not a customer. I figured what better way to advertise than have an adorable 2 year old wear my product lol. Well within 30 minutes of her walking around the navy tulle (the one I purchased online) was snagging and crunching up and looked absolutely horrible! I spent two hours pulling it down and trying to fix it while she walked around. By the time we got home the navy tulle looked like something had been chewing on it for two hours instead of her just walking around. The question I have though, is there anyway to make the tulle stiffer or some way to strengthen the bottom so that it doesn't snag?
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