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Default Re: Is there an alternative to a hot glue gun for ribbon sculptures?

Yes I have some pics... but I can't make them small (don't know why!)
I will try to put some later today...
I made a minnie mouse head, lady bug and bee where I used thread for the body and just glued to bow.

Originally Posted by iskudo View Post
Thanks for that, I bought some recently for other stuff.

I was tempted to sew yesterday, but the ribbon seemed to 'split' where I stitched and showed a white colour inbetween the threads, it looked worse than the glue! I am waiting for some ribbon to arrive, I only have stampin up stuff at the moment and it won't curl for korker bows either, so not very impressed.

I have lots of colour threads and can sew neatly so may give it another go once my new ribbon arrives!

Any pictures of your creations yet?
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