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For a tick-tock I end up using 30 inches at a minimum. The holograph mystique is around $14- $16 a yard and I get around 50 bows (if I remember right) when I'm only doing half the bow. I know I can get 30-35 full bows to a yd.

I stiffen my bows and bake them but that's just me. I know some folks don't do either. I guess it's more of a personal preference. I just know that mine don't get mangled if they get tossed in the cheer bag or we drop a flyer so for me the extra time is worth it.

Depending on the bow complexity is how I charge out.
I use the typical time + materials + 30% and then have a surcharge for the PITA factor (pain in the you know where)

If it's a general bow with minimal sewing then I can go a lot lower.
My dazzle bows with a ton of rhinestone work.... much higher especially the ones I'm hand setting. Ones like this I go usually $15-17. Some people charge a lot more though. So my range is from $10-12 upwards to $35+
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