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[QUOTE=Vexys;1313288]I'm using the 4mm no metal bulk ones from the hip girl store. I really like these and they passed my quality control check points with flying colors.

I typically use this scale lol
1 - do they feel sturdy
- how do they stretch? i.e. when they stretch do you have that give or are they stiff so you are less likely to over stretch.

2 - can they hold younger 2 daughters hair without slippage. 1 has long, thin, pencil straight hair.. the other has short hair that otherwise needs a million bobby pins to keep everything in when they pony o slips.

3- are they tumble proof? It's another slippage test I do so we toss up hair in a high pony and see what happens with stunts, flips, handsprings, tucks... you name it.

Thanks for the 123 of how to choose elastic ponytail holders, it was a question I'd thought about asking. I've not worn them for a looong time and only have sons at home, but I have noticed that my 18yo DD does tend to leave (lots of) non-metal elastics around when she is here.
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