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I'm using the 4mm no metal bulk ones from the hip girl store. I really like these and they passed my quality control check points with flying colors.

I typically use this scale lol
1 - do they feel sturdy
- how do they stretch? i.e. when they stretch do you have that give or are they stiff so you are less likely to over stretch.

2 - can they hold younger 2 daughters hair without slippage. 1 has long, thin, pencil straight hair.. the other has short hair that otherwise needs a million bobby pins to keep everything in when they pony o slips.

3- are they tumble proof? It's another slippage test I do so we toss up hair in a high pony and see what happens with stunts, flips, handsprings, tucks... you name it.

If they pass all of the above then we proceed to the final step.... and the nail in the coffin for most.... my oldest's hair. Mega Thick Mega Curly. If it can hold that without a break, inner elastic snap, or mis-shapen pony o.... it's a keeper!

These passed with flying colors. To be honest my oldest has yet to break hers and she's got comp practice 3 days a week and then 1 to 2 games with her rec program so she's using them to hold back hair and they're on her bows.
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