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Smile Re: how to make off tje shoulder puff sleeve on tutu dress

Thank you Ladies! You are amazing. It all seems rather simple when you point out the obvious, lol.
Now, one more question ( I hope you don't mind)...I have been making hairbows, headbands, etc. since my 24 yr. old daughter was a baby. She, as well as all my nieces (and little girl that asked) had a massive supply of "pretties," as they called them. I have always just given the items to the children. I've always just assumed that if I could make them, "anyone" could. I am beginning to see that isn't necessarily the case. Now, for my question ...How hard is it to sell these items? (I apologize in advance if this is a silly question)
I have mentioned this to family and friends, but I always get the "she's lost her mind " look, lol. (I spent years as an art director for a national advertising company, so you can see why they may think this is out of my realm) Anyway, just wondering if this is a good way to pick up some extra cash or better left as a hobby. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time, you've been wonderful!
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