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Default What can I do better? A question about korking ribbon

I've tried to kork some ribbon - both satin and grosgrain - but I'm disappointed with the results. I used the same temperature and process of wetting ribbon and spraying with starch. I resprayed once it had cooked and left overnight to completely dry.

The satin worked well, except the white was very discoloured. I used both polyester and nylon satin ribbon, there was no difference in curl.

Last night I korked some grosgrain (all but one piece was from stampin up and I don't know whether it was polyester or not as they don't put the information on the reel or in the catalogue).

The only piece which korked well was a small oddment of black polkadot and it is perfectly curled and stiff. The stampin up stuff is loose and untidy looking. Again, the white (which I left in for less time) is discoloured.

So, to get to the point, is there any way of korking white ribbon without discolouring it? (I wondered about using the roasting bags?)
And is there a 'best' kind of grosgrain to use - SU is supposed to be top quality, but that obviously didn't help this time.... I have some more grosgrain on its way from China but I don't know when it will arrive.... getting a bit impatient!

Any suggestions to help perfect the process would be appreciated. Thanks
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