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Default Re: how to make off tje shoulder puff sleeve on tutu dress

Originally Posted by stilldazednconfuzed View Post
Can anyone tell me how this off shoulder sleeve is made? I'm completely lost! Thanks!
First of all... welcome! We'd love to hear a little about yourself.

I don't actually make tutus, but if you look at the sleeve on the right side... the base might be a crochet headband, or maybe some crochet trim:

From Hip Girl Boutique

If it's a headband, she may or may not be cutting it. She attaches it somehow (either sews it on or knots it in when she's doing the bodice), and finishes it like a mini tutu. However, after reading the description on the website and looking at the back of the dress, I think she might be using elastic on the sleeves, like she does on the top.

Originally Posted by All About Tots
Each tutu dress is made with an abundance of the finest tulle and an elastic waistband around the chest area. It should fit right underneath the arm. All elastic is sewn for durability and will stretch up to 10 inches, the tulle is tied in tight knots around the elastic waistband. Slip knots are not used on any of my products.
I guess it really depends on how YOU make your tutus. Knotting in uncut headbands into the bodice as you're knotting the bodice seems the easiest way to accomplish this look. You'll have to experiment with width and size. Good luck!
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