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Default Re: making bottlecap images using gimp?

I know this is a little old but im wondering how to 'select' the image after using the ellipse tool? I've been using Gimp but I've never ran into this prob. I use the ellipse to draw the circle around the area I want but when I go to copy & paste into the 1" template it pastes the entire image not just the area inside the circle. Can anyone make it more clear? I think i have ADD or I'm just tired & delirious

Originally Posted by ginagal17 View Post
When you create a new file in GIMP it will always start off as a square or rectangle. Use the elipse select in the toolbox to make a circle. I always make mine a little larger than 1" too, to make sure that the image goes all the way to the edge when I punch it out. Here's a tut with a template, it was meant for button making, but the same principles apply.
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