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Default Re: My best friend (aka my glue gun) bit the dust

Originally Posted by bows for Mad & Char View Post
Hey LCMays did you ever get a new glue gun ? If not let me know which one you'd like from HL and I pick it up and mail to you. ( I just recently bought a new one and I know what you mean.)
Hey, thanks for asking! I bought one from Michaels that was super cheap and it stinks! Then I bought one from Wal-Mart that pretty much stinks too. So, I bought the expensive one from Michales and the tip broke off when I tried to change the tip (to the tip I really wanted in the first place!!!!!) and so I was using a super old cheap gun I found in the bottom drawer from when I used to teach. Well, yesterday it was leaking glue like crazy so now I am back to the cheap-o one from Wal-Mart that I still hadn't taken back. So, I think I am ok for now, but I REALLY appreciate the help! Who knew glue guns could be so hard to replace. I hate to throw away my old "bff"....we had such a good run together!
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