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Default Re: Just curious, who wears the big bows?

I don't see a lot of big bows around here - more plastic headbands, plastic barettes and regular old ponytail elastics.

We do occasionally see little girls with basic bows that match their outfits, but you can tell they are not from around here!

My daughter has hundreds of bows (I am afraid to count them), tons of little clips and pony-Os to match almost everything. We never know what mood little miss priss is going to be in when we get ready to leave, so each outfit has several choices.

I did have one little girl who came over and was in AWE at the bows - her mom was one who rarely even brushed this kid's hair. Poor kid did not even know what a "hair bow" was - she kept saying "All those thingies for her hair - what are they called again?"

My MIL is CONSTANTLY changing out K's bows for cheap little plastic barettes from Dollar General when she visits with her - she tells me that no one wears bows. And I tell her WE WEAR BOWS!!!!!!!!
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