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Default Newbie Questions - bonding fabric to ribbon

Hello all!

I've been making cheer bows for several months, but one thing I've yet to master is the bonding of spandex like material to ribbon. I've tried a spray adhesive, and also Fabri-Tac (which is by far my glue of choice for ribbon). The spray adhesive doesn't hold well long term, and the Fabri-Tac shows "lumpy" through the fabric.

I've seen several of you reference the No Bow No Go tutorials, and wonder if that's what I need to review? I hate to spend the $$, however, because I have all other components of bow making down.

I'm also curious how to adhere the fabric in the "wave" pattern on the tails, where it's cut with a rotary cutter on a curve.

I bought some Heat N Bond tonight, maybe I just need to play with that?

Thanks in advance!
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