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Default Re: What mistakes have you learned from since making/selling bows

Originally Posted by AnnathanMagz View Post
At the beginning I was way too excited and ran out and bought TONS of ribbon. It was a long time before I saw a profit because I had already spent a ton on supplies. Plus, I ended up liking to make different kinds of clips than I originally set out to make, so I had extra unused ribbon. I found ways to use most everything or sell it off, but I should have been patient and only bought a little at a time in the beginning.

Mega Ditto to this!

I don't make bows yet, but I liked to buy every single colour of everything that I buy, even the oddball colours that I can't seem to force myself to use.

So my biggest lesson learned is that I now prefer to have a smaller variety of colours in bigger quantities, rather than a HUGE variety of colours in smaller quantities. I like to know that I'm not going to run out of something, after all the work I do to make it, take photos, and get it uploaded for sale
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