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Default Re: What mistakes have you learned from since making/selling bows

Research, research!

My kids would often see something and say loudly, "Mom, you can make that for me right?" They were not being rude to the seller; they just think their mom is Superwoman! After reading a few threads here about that, I've discussed the subject with my kids. Now, they say, "Mom, I love this bow!" It allows me to then take it from there and further compliment the seller. I may or may not be able to make it myself and I may opt to buy the item for my girls. Either way, we are better off with leaving a positive feeling if overheard!

Don't be afraid to experiment! Yours doesn't HAVE to be the exact same shade of blue you saw in a picture.

Don't suffer alone! LOL The internet has a wealth of info and your problem may be solved easier than you think.

Your family may be your biggest fan base, but DO discuss with them what you can and can't do. You CAN give one of your creations as a birthday gift, but making free bows for the entire team may not exactly be what you had in mind.
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