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Default Re: Help! Mayday mayday!

Originally Posted by SmashToTheLey View Post
So, I have an order of 35 solid cheer bows & they wanted 2.25in RABOM Tutti Frutti & my order for 50 yards went through but then they emailed me stating they were out & I didn't get the email until it was too late to call. They don't need them for a month but, I really need to get started on them. I'm a full-time middle school special ed teacher. IEPs, paper work, kids acting a fool, etc. I generally don't have time when I think I do.

I'm kinda freaking out.

Does anybody know where to get a 2.25 or 3 in. equivalent of RABOM Tutti Frutti?

Thank you in advanced!
I don't know much about prices of 2.25 inch ribbon, but you could always do ribbon retreat wholesale.
I'm sure there are other options too...
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