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Default Re: What mistakes have you learned from since making/selling bows

Originally Posted by Vexys View Post
Stick to firm deadlines... I just learned this one the hard way. When ordering supplies have a little extra on hand and not "just enough" in case you make a mistake. Even if it was for an order you can still etsy or craft show the same style if you need to get rid of that extra ribbon later. I can't second tracking inventory enough since it really is easier to get into the habit when you're starting. Save ALL your receipts so you are accurate at tax time. I actually scan mine so I have a digital copy and a hard one. Just in case.
Not even in case you make a mistake but to avoid having to overnight more ribbon if you are working on say a cheer order and partway through a roll of ribbon you start seeing smudges, smears, offset printing, spots, pulled threads, and sometimes blotches which look like water splashed over the ribbon while they dye was still drying.

For inventory on larger spools, I will mark or cut back (depending on ribbon width) 5 yds from the end of a new spool and when I use up the ribbon to that mark, I mark/cut again and remove 5 yds of that from my inventory file so when the time comes for the end of year inventory, I only have to measure from that mark forward and not 70 some yards of ribbon if I haven't been keeping exact yardage counts.

And the biggest one for me, GET PAID BEFORE YOU SHIP! I have not violated this in years until last month but it appeared I would have to leave for a funeral at a moment's notice and the bows were needed while I would have been gone so I went ahead and shipped since it was for a high school. I still have not been paid and it's been nearly a month. I was told I had to fill out a W-9 before they could pay me since it's in Texas and I guess I will have to call them again today.
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