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Default Re: What mistakes have you learned from since making/selling bows

I also have been at it for a little over a year, I spent the first 6 months just learning everything I could and only last week did I do my first out of my house real physical not online sale! I started out at a small local fleamarket where the table fee was only $20 and I made about $70 there were maybe 75-100 ppl in attendance, and only have 2 consistant customers that I knew before I started making/selling.
I also learned ordering wholesale online is cheaper in the long run! If you buy at craft stores buy out of season items on sale and put them away for the next season.
When at a market/show, say hello to everyone who walks by even if they aren't looking your way it draws them to your table!
Make sure when you go to a show to bring a cooler with your own food/drink because it's expensive to eat/drink at them.
Make atleast 3 of everything I don't like to make "cookie cutter" or assembly line style anything I like to make unique everything but after you sell one of something you can replace it in your display! If one person bought it someone else might like to buy it too!
Keep your prices reasonable but don't under cut or sell your self short! You will never make a profit that way.
Bright colors and shiny/sparkly things draw people's attention, make sure your displays aren't just flat, people will not notice them that way.
Eat a good breakfast before you go to a show/sale even if this is not a common practice for you on a day to day basis. I thought just having my typical morning cup of coffee would be fine.... haha yeah right!
Try to have your other half, friend or and older child that can be left for a few minutes with you, your gonna have to go to the restroom at some point and won't want to leave your stuff unattended
take advantage of Vistaprint! Free Business cards!!! Use their post cards for bow cards for your larger style bows and for klips and stuff use your business cards
Google Voice!! Get it, I swear, I don't want to pay extra for a second phone number but I didn't want to give my house/cell # to random can set it up to ring to your house/cell and then program it to your caller id so you know its someone calling for bows for example my caller id says Cklips line when it rings through so I know. Made my life a thousand times easier and it's FREE!
Organization is key, you will never not be able to find something again that way! There is nothing worse than knowing you have something and not being able to find it
Hope that helped, I'm still learning what works those are just somethings I've learned along the way and I know I still have so much more to learn. Best of luck
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