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Default Re: Need help?

Mine isn't as cute (first one I made, whatever ribbon I had handy, bad photography skills, etc), but if you just look at the picture you posted you can kinda figure it out.

Here's how I made mine.
3.5 inch of 7/8 looped for the body
2.5 inch of 7/8 looped for the head
Glue these two together.
3/8 inch- start at the bottom of the body, glue... dab of glue where the body and head come together, and press the 3/8 there...dab of glue at edge of head and press.
Then about 1/2 inch up, dab of glue and pinch it to make the "ear."
Line of glue across head, press the 3/8 to it.
Make the other ear the same as as first.
Dab of glue where head and body come together on that side, then the bottom of the body.
Another color of 3/8 will be the wings. Just loop and glue to the back where the head and body come together. I did have to use a little glue on the front of the loops to hold them in to the body.
Then buttons and googly eyes and a tiny triangle of ribbon.

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