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Default Re: can someone help me make this basic bow.

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
if nobody else jumps in . . . i'll send a pm to a member here that's a wiz at figuring these things out . . .

hope you have a great b/day!
Hi prleaf!

Sorry, but I have had a very stressful and hectic summer so HG has gone by the wayside these last few months. I still have to post how to do the bow tie with tails with just one piece of ribbon. I think I can get to it today and maybe this one as well.

Yes, it is nearly the same bow as in the HG tutorial, only the "front" of the bow there is the back of this bow. There is a slight adjustment that also needs to be made where the ribbons need to be lined up evenly in the front and back, but it's probably easier to see it than read it.
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