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Default Re: Vexys?

I have a KNK Zing cutter. I looked at the Silouette but I needed more cutting force to use it with ultrasuede and leather. I buy most of my rhinestones from Rhinestone U because I use them on kids clothing that have to be CPSIA certified. I bought this nifty syringe applicator for the times I have to use glue. You just load it up and dot, dot, I can not imagine trying to glue tiny stones like you had. I wonder if they had you apply heat to release the transfer cover sheet. I was wondering if that would pull some of the studs loose when you tried to remove it after gluing them.

Either way unless thay have really, really good prices and great customer service I would maybe look somewhere else. They should have stuck the first time you hit them with the iron OR they should of told you that you needed a heat press. Simple!
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