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I thought it sounded odd when they said to put the iron on them even with the e-6000 but that was the message I got. I think that's why we've got crystalized glue and glue spreading and being a royal mess. Only used a teeny bit also but no luck. going to just glue the rest and let them sit as long as I can today and hope that does the trick. These were hotfix but I think they should just be called a hot mess.

Otherwise I don't know how to get these to stay put and look halfway decent. I am so angry these look this bad.

Do you have a silhouette? I've been eyeing one hoping that my craft show will do well enough to allow me to get one and my heat press early. And if not at least the cutter lol. I can probably weasel my hubby into an early xmas present since it's a business expense.
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