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Default Re: Just curious, who wears the big bows?

I make for my friends and family. I am originally from texas (corpus christi and I have family there and in Houston)but now live in the Chicago area. I do not have a little girl and prefer the simple bows. Maybe if I did have a girl, it would be different. My sil here that has the only 2 girls in our family, well the oldest, she doesn't even bother to comb her hair. When she is here I fix it and she loves it. But I stopped making bows for them cuz she never used them. My 9 yr old neice loves the simple smaller bows, clippies and headbands. I have but some on the 2 month old using a headband when I have babysat, and I just grab whatever matches cuz thats me. Thier mother could not be bothered.

My family in texas, prefers the smaller bows. My friend in louisiana does both on her daughter, and my friend in mississippi does the smaller basic bows on her daughter.

Honestly I think it depends on the child's mother.
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