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Hi Cindy!

Yes and no. I made the deadline for the squads that had their money together. I got pictures of them and they really looked cute. The glitter was really catching the low lights at night too so that made the squads happy. Even with the issues I got a lot of compliments and people were happy so in the end it's coming out ok.

For the rest...because apparently "DEADLINE" to some means at the last minute you just have to get an extra because you've only had 2 weeks to get the money in to your squad and haven't done so yet. OR you "forgot" your money again. Or. um. whatever else the reasons were. Oh wow that feels better lol had to mini rant for a second!!

So Guess what I get to do tonight? You guessed it!!! MORE BOWS

The e-6000 isn't working like I had hoped. I was told to apply to the rear of the stones and a thin coat on the ribbon itself and then to cure them out about 10 mins before putting them together. Then after leaving it alone for a bit I was supposed to heat set them and that should have done it. Yeah. Can we say glue run amuck? I had to apologize profusely and thank god everyone was ok with the issues. From a couple feet away they don't look so bad but up close makes me a very angry person.

I'm calling the supplier again in the morning because it's not satisfactory to have such an epic fail on a product. I need more of the same size stones for another order that's due in October and I'm at a loss where to order from now. I went out today and got another iron and I can tell you that's not the issue either. And yes I've got my eye on a heat press lol the hubby says I can have it for Christmas.

Guess that's it in a nutshell from here. I am taking a break right now and will probably start fresh in the morning. I have 25 set to get the transfers fixed on, 2 that need a rescue mission that might be able to be salvaged, 11 that need to get started from the beginning since that's IT for my glitter, and then ugh I think 14 left to be finished out since they're tied. Just hope it's enough. Next time, accurate count at sign up so they get handed out at camp and I don't go through this insanity!!!
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