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Default How to make... 6ss rhinestones stick!?!?!?

To say I am in a panic would be the understatement of the century. I got them from Dazzling Designs and am using the 6ss rhinestuds. They are NOT sticking.

I spoke with them already, they are Supposed to call back after talking to people in the stones dept so please cross fingers they have an idea. Last call they suggested applying more pressure and ironing on butcher block. It took a while but it did work.

I am literally leaning on the iron as hard as I can, it is on butcher block. I am pressing the bow tails between 2 pieces of wood and Literally am standing on them while still hot. To make sure they're not the slightest bit warm I've gone to putting them in the freezer. After 45 mins I have maybe 20 of 46 stones on the FIRST bow stuck down. I have 89 bows to go.

Does anyone have any options? They are due tomorrow. I don't know if there's a way to just apply glue to the back and forget heat setting or what else could be done. This is a total nightmare.
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