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Default Re: Stiffening Hair bows

I starch mine, then shake off the excess and lay flat on paper towels to dry. Always put a clean towel or layer of paper towels under where you lay the starched bows. I found out the hard way that spray starch that soaks in an ironing board cover leaves a grease like residue that can potentially leave spots on clothes you iron the next morning after starching a massive amount of bows the night before... Yes, I'm speaking from experience :-) I now starch bows in the laundry room over the sink, or washing machine - then lay flat on towels/paper towels (depending on how many bows) and shape loops so they dry perfectly. Faultless or Niagara work really well. You can buy both at just about any store for under $3.00!

Hope this helps!
Sheila Rinehart
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