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Default Re: wheres the best place to get a banner?

I just want to say I got my banners in the mail today and I love them. (Way better than the one I got from Vistaprint). The quality is great, it's heavy and the colors are bright and vibrant. They come with free metal grommets if you want them and different options for how it is finished. I got a 8x1 banner and it was only $18 (or maybe $19). When I went to check out since the order did not total $25 they were going to charge a $5 handling fee so I added a 3x2 banner for $7 instead. The ONLY downside is on the larger banner some grommets were added in the middle rather then the end but it's still great and if you didn't want that I'm sure you could ask. Oh and did I mention I got it in like a week?

Sorry I'm just so excited! I'm starting to hate vistaprint, every time I order something the colors end up being different than the time before and it is really starting to bug me.
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