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Originally Posted by woodkins View Post
I have also used the heat transfer glitter vinyl you have linked to above, but that is not what the other bow companies mentioned have used that I am looking for.

A friend actually gave me one of the bows to repair from one of the bow companies mentioned, so I was able to see that it is fabric, and that bow maker actually used double sided tape to attach it to the ribbon. It is glitter on one side and a white woven fabric look on the other.

The search continues.... LOL
One of my former cheerleaders ordered a glitter-fabric bow from a vendor for college try-outs recently and I got to examine it afterward (sadly because it didn't withstand the workshop). I saw exactly what you're talking about, double-sided tape and all. If it is in fact vinyl, and you should use a heat press? Is the method the same as say a tee-shirt?

The search continues indeed LOL...

Is it OK to post pic of it?
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