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Default Re: Is this cheating or unethical?

I have to say that I've purchased Hair Ties from competitors to see not how they make them because it's obvious, but to see how they are packaged and if the elastic is the same quality, I did this for research purposes for competitive pricing and to out due their "presentation" because for me that is key. Now buying hair ties or hair bows from a competitor isn't unethical, stealing right out the exact style, name and packaging is, and buying a couple hair accessories is a minimal cost compared to 5 tutus, that's just way to much money to spend on trying to figure out how they make them.
Forgot to add, that I caught a competitor buying from me, I didn't cancel the transaction and was more than happy to take her money, I just made sure my product was packaged extra nice just for her

Use the search function on this forum, I'm sure the question of how to package/present/make tutu's has been asked & answered previously, also if you are confident enough to make Tutu's for family and friends you can then present them to the public for purchase, just make sure you have beautiful pictures, descriptions and competitive pricing, their really is no secret.
Good luck.

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