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Default Re: How do you take clear/perfect pictures of your items?

Lots of practice, research and patience. I am a professional photographer and I still learn new things every time I shoot. Natural light is important for decent lighting, but it also depends on the type of lighting. Shooting in "natural light" at high noon, is not good lighting for shooting. Usually late afternoons is a good time to shoot in natural light. Flash is not good for photos. If you are photographing items with reflective surfaces, watch the angle of the item to the light source to help avoid glares or "twinkles". Hope this helps some. I do think you are able to get decent photos with point and shoot cameras, as I have seen some photos by people who don't have dslr's and they look pretty good. It really depends on the light you are shooting in. If you are shooting in a little darker lighted area, a camera in auto mode will normally keep a shutter open for a longer time to let enough light in for a decent exposure. Longer shutter sppeds=camera blur, thus giving you fuzzy and out of focus shots. Of course there is so much more to good photos then this, but these are a couple of tips to consider and practice as much as possible. Good luck!
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