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Default Re: Is this cheating or unethical?

Originally Posted by masha1999 View Post
I don't think it's a crime at all to "shop" the competition. It's a valid marketing tool and used by many businesses--large and small.

I think the line of integrity is crossed when someone outright markets the competition's idea as one's own, tries to copyright it, claims ownership etc. Tutus are a dime a dozen on Etsy, but if you are good, you will stand out. Wow them with stellar customer service, turnaround time, the extra mile!

Good luck!
I agree with this completely. There have been many conversations on here about "researching" other people and the opinions are mixed. I just read most of a 42 page thread on here today that started back in 2010 where someone found a bow they wanted to try to make and dozens of well respected bow makers here on HG were trying to copy the style of this one bow. I remember another thread where someone wanted to make this different type of tutu. Everyone was trying to figure out how it was made and the lady that made the actual tutu found out about the thread and came on here with her "copywrite" guns a blazing. Someone had ordered one of the tutu's and I can't remember if she recieved it or not after the lady found out she was buying only to see how it was made. And let us not forget the repeated threads/threats over Lollytops. I think if you are purchasing something to research and not duplicate there is nothing wrong with that. I think that you would be better off quietly purchasing the item then openly asking for help picking it apart on here, but that is just my opinion. It has been said a million times on here there are only so many ways to make a bow or tutu and only so many colors to work with. I wish you luck with your new business
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